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Community Hub

We have a centrally located Community Hub where our team of Case Workers, Community Development Officers, Youth Workers, Children and Family Case Workers and Client Support Specialists are available to assist clients with the various challenges of life.


We believe in a society where all individuals have the opportunity to participate and enhance their quality of life.

For more information on any of the below services please call us on 02 9727 4333 during office hours or email our reception on

We are located at 25 Barbara Street, Fairfield NSW 2165 and operate Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Case management

We assist and support families through case management and direct support:


  • Home Visits

  • Advice and Referrals

  • Co-ordination of Services

  • Direct Support

  • Informal Counselling

Families referred for services may be experiencing one or more of the following vulnerabilities including:

  • Lack of social or extended family support

  • Parenting difficulty managing children

  • Financial difficulties or poverty

  • Illness including mental health issues

  • Cultural barriers for new migrants

  • Homelessness

  • Women (and their children) leaving violent relationships

For Case Management Support referrals from other services please complete the CFS Referral form and email it to

Emergency Relief and Food Hampers

In partnership with Wesley Mission we offer emergency relief food vouchers for families and individuals who have experienced hardship due to unexpected bills, job loss. leaving relationship violence, loss of accommodation or other life emergencies.

Our staff hold assessments for eligibility every Monday from 9am - 11am.

Documents required for assessment include:

  • Centrelink statement

  • Bank statement

  • Any unpaid or overdue bills

Food hampers are generously donated to us from OzHarvest.


To be eligible for a food hamper please contact reception to register interest.

Food hampers are given out twice a week.

Service Referrals

Where we cannot assist you we always offer you with a referral to a trusted service that can.

Service referrals include but are not limited to:

  • Counselling Services

  • Domestic Violence Services

  • Employment Training Programmes

  • Meal Services

Work Development Orders 

Our staff are able to complete capacity building programs with people who have received fines. These can include train fines, speeding fines and court fines. This program is designed as an alternative option to pay off fines for those who cannot otherwise pay them. They will be able to reduce and or eliminate their fines through tailored workshops, mentoring sessions or volunteering.

Clients need to be assessed for eligibility.

Next Steps

Targeting children and families, this project supports them to be well-prepared to handle life transitions and have an increased capacity to be socially connected and have links to supportive environments within their community.


The three services that we offer under the Next Steps Project are:


A 20-week school readiness program -  provides children aged 4 – 6 years an opportunity to learn and experience early childhood learning before they transition into Kindergarten. The program consists of 20 sessions of English & Literacy Skills, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts, Personal Developmental Health and Physical Education. These fun and engaging sessions aid children to learn the skills needed to transition into Kindergarten and have fun becoming used to their new schooling environment.

4 evidence-based programs - support families to manage their children’s behaviours and provide them with the best techniques to deal with any parenting situation.


Abecedarian Training (for children aged 0 -2 years) - focuses on building knowledge of child-development through hands-on and engaging activities.


123 Magic and Emotion Coaching (3 – 5 years) - focuses on providing families opportunities to explore their children’s behaviour and ways to manage this behaviour.

Tuning Into Kids (6 – 12 years) - focuses on providing families strategies to become Emotion Coaches and develop the emotional intelligence of their children whilst learning to manage behaviours.


Tuning Into Teens (13 – 18 years) - focuses on communicating with your teen and how to better understand your teen! This program helps to prevent behavioural issues in teens and how to deal with conflict more effectively.

The Parents Hub Support - an outreach service that supports families and parents to access timely and responsive one-on-one support to navigate local systems and services within the community and receive tailor-made parenting support. This service is unique and innovative as our friendly staff can set up Hubs all over Fairfield LGA to support any parents that need someone to talk to. Our Parents Hub Support is available every day of the week, and with flexible support such as over the phone, in-person or online.

Employment support

Community First Step has joined forces with Matchworks to launch and deliver an Employment Support program to the Fairfield and surround communities.

Area’s in which we can support you in are:

  • Resume Help

  • Career Advice

  • Job Placement

  • Volunteering

  • Further Education

  • Transition to work

  • Support

Every Monday 11am to 1pm at our Community Hub, 25 Barbara Street, Fairfield.

Please note bookings are essential.

Download flyer for more information.

Form Filling

Our multi-lingual team speaks various community languages and is able to assist in filling out forms  that may be causing stress and anxiety to new arrivals, and those trying to navigate complex systems such as Centrelink and MyGov.

Forms which we can assist with include:

Centrelink forms including Housing, Disability , Carer Allowance, Rent subsidy, Income and Assets forms, Pension applications and more. ​ 

We can also assist with other forms such as school applications and rental property applications. 

Please note we do not assist with VISA or Immigration forms.

As many of these forms are complex we advice appointments be made to avoid long waits.

Parenting Programs

We  run evidence-based Parenting Programs to assist families to develop knowledge and strategies to build positive behaviors in children and promote positive family relationships.


The parenting programs we run are:

Tuning in to kids ( pre-schoolers - 12 years old) -  focuses on strengthening the emotional connection and improving communication between parents/caregivers and their children. It helps parents/caregivers to learn emotion coaching skills (recognizing and understanding how to respond to children's emotions in an accepting, supportive way) and how to teach their child to manage strong emotion.

Tuning in to Teens (10-18 years old) - focuses on emotion coaching skills to support parents/care-givers to become more confident in helping their teens to build emotional intelligence, mange their emotions in healthy ways and reduce conflict as the teens develop more independence. 

1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching/1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching for Special Needs (2-12 years old) - focuses on providing strategies for parents/care givers through exploring key aspects of child development, setting boundaries with difficult behaviors, promoting positive behaviors, encouraging the development of children's problem solving skills and their ability to manage  strong emotions. We also have program focused on working with children who have additional needs.


Abecedarian Approach (0-5 years old) - focuses on teaching and learning strategies to suppor early childhood development through hands-on activities with children. Activities are structured around the key elements in the program which are language priority, conversational reading, enriched caregiving and learning games. 

We also hold information sessions for parents/caregivers to support children with additional needs.

Supporting Your Child With Additional Needs (Parents/Carers Information Sessions) (0-12 years old) - focuses on raising awareness about the needs of children who require additional support, sharing information about the roles of different professionals involved in supporting your child. Discussing assistance that is available for families within the community (including Early Childhood Approach/NDIS) and at home. Activities to encourage your child's development at home and where to fine useful resources. 

Programs in Schools

Our team runs various programs in schools which can be tailored to the specific cohort. These programs include:

  • RAGE (Renegotiating Angry and Guilty Emotions

  • GRASP (Group for Raising Awareness of Suicide and Prevention)

  • School Suspension Program

  • Mental Health and Well-being programs specifically for newly arrived migrants and refugess.

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