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Creating Opportunities for 50 Years

Community First Step is celebrating 50 years of service supporting and empowering the communities of South West Sydney. As a dedicated not-for-profit organisation, our mission is to empower the community in South West Sydney to overcome disadvantage and barriers to personal, social, and economic growth by delivering inclusive and innovative services.


From our humble beginnings as the Fairfield Community Council for Social Development, we have evolved into a dynamic organisation, addressing social and economic disparities through sustainable capacity building. Our commitment to inclusivity and innovation has made us a beacon of hope, collaborating with the community, businesses, and government to deliver high-quality services in children’s services, disability services, community development, and more.  

Help us continue our mission for another 50 years

With your help, we can continue to address personal, social and economic inequity through innovative programs, community development initiatives, and advocacy efforts, ensuring lasting change in South West Sydney.

50th Anniversary Key Raffle

Our 50th Anniversary Key Raffle has now closed. Winners will be contacted by Tuesday, 2nd April 2024.

Join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary by taking part in our Key Raffle!

Purchase one or more keys for the chance to unlock 1 of 7 mystery prize boxes, each holding prizes valued between $100 to $1,000+. Simply click the Purchase Key button to participate. 

If your key successfully unlocks a box, the mystery prize is yours!

Raffle Closed

The raffle will take place on Wednesday 27th March. We'll take care of testing your key(s) on your behalf and will contact you to inform you of the outcome.

By participating in this raffle, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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Discover some of the ways Community First Step supported the communities of South West Sydney last year:

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