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Supported Independent Living

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What is Supported Independent Living? 

Supported Independent Living is a shared living experience for people with disability who have SIL funding in their NDIS plan. SIL includes 24/7 nurturing, personal growth and developing skills in the safe environment that aims to build confidence, independence and connect with the community. 

How can you get Supported Independent Living Funding?

Call us 

Call our friendly staff on
02 9727 4333

Visit us

Visit our Community Hub at Fairfield to meet our managers. 

Start getting support services 

Receive services 

Move in to your new home.

Move in 

Plan your budget

Talk to our manager for your budget plan to receive support.

Get Approved

Submit your budget to NDIS for approval.


How do our Supported Independent Living services work? 

Community First Step aims to create an independent space that tailors your needs, and we are committed to creating solutions for SIL housing according to clients' preferences.

As a Supported Independent living provider, we have short-term (Respite) and long-term SIL services provided within the SIL houses. We also offer support coordination services as a part of NDIS planning. We carefully consider the needs and the suitability of the accommodation types according to a person and the compatibility of other residents.

Get in touch with our friendly staff to start providing the support that tailors your needs today. 

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Our Mission

To tailor to your needs and provide a home that supports you in achieving independent living and the highest quality of life.

Download our Supported Independent Living (SIL) Information Booklet 

Supported Independent Living Vacancies Listings

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