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Youth  Programs 

The Community First Step Youth Team is made up of passionate and hardworking social workers, youth workers and volunteers. We are committed to ensuring every young person gets to be heard, supported, advocated for, and encouraged.


We have a deep understanding of the social and mental health issues affecting young people in South Western Sydney, including at risk, disengaged, newly migrated, and LGBTIQA+ individuals. Our team has a wide range of skills, allowing us to recognise and respond to the unique needs of the young people in our area.

We offer a vast range of programs, recreational activities, educational activities, case management, and client support, including:

Youth Drop-In Centre:

Our youth drop-in centre operates from the Fairfield Youth and Community Centre and provides free access to:

  • State of the art sporting facilities

  • Vocational training

  • Access to other services such as Legal Aid

  • One on one case management and support

Specialised supports groups and support programs:

  • Girls Support Group

  • Work and Development Orders

  • Youth Justice Conferences

  • Employability Workshops

  • QuNite, LGBTIQA+ group

Various programs in schools:

These can be tailored to the specific cohort. 

  • RAGE (Renegotiating Angry and Guilty Emotions

  • GRASP (Group for Raising Awareness of Suicide and Prevention)

  • School Suspension Program

Community First Step Youth Services


The Youth Drop In Service is run by Youth Workers, Social Workers and Case Workers to provide a safe and engaging environment

Youth Centre Drop In 


CFS Case Workers are able to support young people through their Youth Justice Conferences by being monitors and assisting with mentoring, helping the young person complete their outcome plan and supporting them to make better decisions in the future.

Individual Case Management 


Workshops and groups are run by our experienced youth and social workers to create a safe space for youth to learn, grow in personal and social aspect of life.

Workshops and Groups


Youth workers can support and refer youth to other relevant services in the community for recreational and sport activities or workshops and groups. 

Referral Process

I feel better and more confident with dealing with life. My emotions have improved much since you guys here. Thank you. 

I have learnt how to use my English more effectively in order to express my own feelings. 

I think if more people started to care more about the [Mental Health] workshop it will become worldwide and make our world a better place. 

I started to think and feel better about myself because of this workshop. 

Mental Health Workshops Youth Participants

“We have been incredibly happy with the workshops you have provided us this year. Students have learnt a great deal on important social and wellbeing issues they will be and are currently dealing with as young adults”


Teacher Feedback regarding Girls Group

“Jess isn’t just a youth worker but someone with good legal advice and very focused and she shows up to your event such as me having court and she shows up for me sits in my meetings with my lawyer and gives her input and ways to help and she’ll do it again, if needed, always wants to find out where you are and just making sure you are out of trouble lastly the care she has for kids, any kid could need your help and she’ll help you”


Youth at Risk - Early Intervention and Prevention Participant

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