Day Program

Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Located in Fairfield East, NSW.

Our Day Program is focused around centre-based, group activities that encourage individual participation and choice while still having a person-centred support.

Our highly skilled staff are there to make sure your needs of social interaction, safety, personal care and overall enjoyment are fully met. We strive to deliver the best standard of care and support.


Our goal is to promote your independence and seek to support you in developing a variety of social and life skills.

Some of the experiences our clients enjoy include:
  • Cooking 

  • Gardening 

  • Fishing 

  • Swimming 

  • Zumba 

  • Arts and Crafts 

  • Aqua Golf

  • Morning Melodies

  • Computer Skills 

  • Music Therapy

  • Outdoor Gym/Exercise 

  • Animal Park/Zoo

  • Koi Farm/Central Gardens 

  • Bowling

  • Beach/Waterpark 

  • Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis activities

  • Pub Lunch/RSL

  • Time Zone

Our Guiding Principles

All clients deserve the right to be able to access meaningful and fulfilling employment if they choose to.

All clients deserve to be supported in their transition into adult life.

All clients are a part of a wider community and deserve to be able to participate in community events and programs.

All have the rights to choose where and how they live, work and play.

All clients deserve greater choice and control about where and how they work.

All clients have the right to live a life free from abuse, bullying and neglect.

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02 9727 4333
25 Barbara Street Fairfield NSW 2165
We wish to acknowledge the custodians of the land upon which our offices and work is conducted, the Cabrogal people of the Darug nation and their Elders past and present. 
We are a safe space for people from all walks of lives, religions, creeds, ethnic backgrounds and orientations.

ACN: 89 63 002 318 603 | ABN: 63 002 318 603