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Our History

Community First Step was founded 50 years ago. In 1973 a group of local residents formed what was then known as the Fairfield Community Council for Social Development – a forum for community development and action on social issues.


Over the 50 years that followed the group developed its services and projects and, after a few name changes, in 2007, ‘Community First Step’ was born.

Community First Step has played a key role in supporting Fairfield during periods of high levels of migration such as in 2016 when 4,579 refugees settled in Fairfield and a further 7,000 over the next 3 years. Our Hub engages 1,400 new clients each month, of which 85% are newly arrived migrants. 


Today, Community First Step is a growing organisation that encompasses Children, Youth and Family Services, Community Development, Settlement Services and Disability Services. Community First Step now has over 100 staff and volunteers supporting and empowering the communities in South West Sydney.

Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is Communities in South Western Sydney have equal opportunities to thrive in their lives and livelihoods.

Our purpose is to empower the community in South West Sydney to overcome social and economic disadvantage by identifying community need and supporting sustainable capacity building.


Our Team

Our team is passionate and committed to creating opportunities for you.

We not only seek to provide evidence-based services and programs, but real support for you and your loved ones. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering community initiatives on behalf of the NSW Government e.g., Targeted Earlier Intervention Scheme (NSW Department of Communities and Justice), Start Strong Pathways (NSW Department of Education), COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program (Multicultural NSW), and Student Wellbeing Innovation Fund (NSW Department of Education). 

Our Board members are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide direction to the organisation whilst always being mindful of our clients’ needs.

Our Awards

Our Values


We will listen to you and hear what you say. We will encourage independence and respect your decisions, opinions and views.


We will be trustworthy, tell the truth and keep our promise to you and always provide the highest quality service we can.


We believe privacy and confidentiality is of most importance for you and the organisation.

Development & Improvement

We will identify where we can develop projects and always work to improve our services and to maintain our service standards with your feedback.

Harmonious Environment

We will make sure we have a positive working environment that provides support, guidance, acceptance and harmony for all.

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