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Workshops & Groups

RAGE (Renegotiating Angry and Guilty Emotions)

This 6 session program is run by trained Youth Workers and Social Workers where young people learn strategies to manage emotions build resilience and how to cope with and control feeling of anger.

Download Flyer for more information.

Girls Group

This 7 session workshop will focus on self-care, healthy relationships and consent, body positivity, time-management, personal hygiene, bullying, employment, resilience, and confidence.

Download Flyer for more information.

Employability Workshop

A tailored workshop for young people at any stage of their employment journey. How to find a job, resume writing, teamwork, communication skills, how to manage difficult situations at work, Your Rights in the Workplace (in partnership with Legal Aid), interview skills and time management.

Download Flyer for more information.

GRASP (Group for Raising Awareness of Suicide and Prevention)

This 6 week interactive program is designed for young people, targeting those who have attempted, or at risk of attempting, suicide. Each session combines psycho-educational support with interactive activities to increase student’s quality of life and reduce the risk of suicide.

Download Flyer for more information.

Mental Wellness Workshop

This 8-session workshop combines the educational aspects of what mental health is, with interactive activities designed to improve participants mental health and wellbeing.

Download Flyer for more information.

Download CFS Youth Workshops Flyer Here.


This group is designed for 14 to 17-year-olds identifying as LGBTQIA+ to connect with peers, providing peer support, introducing them to mental health services, and working to break down barriers between the LGBTQIA+ community and the police.

For details about the upcoming program schedule, please reach out to

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