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About Us

Community First Step (CFS) is a not-for-profit organisation offering a wide range of services including children’s services, disability services, community development, youth and family case management services. 


Our mission is to assist service users to achieve sustainable outcomes that enhance individual and family well-being, promote positive family functioning and development, and support the community.

With a history that spans over 40 years, we aim at supporting and empowering the communities of South West Sydney to overcome disadvantage and barriers to personal, social and economic growth by delivering inclusive and innovative services.


We are a growing community organisation that encompasses children, youth and family services in the form of case work, community development, disability services and children’s services.


As a community partner Community First Step work with the community, business and government, to strive for excellence in meeting the holistic needs of our clients through the provision of high quality supportive, recreational, cultural, sporting and welfare programs.


Community Services

Our team can help you and your family through personalised family services and community building programs.


Our caseworkers support and work with you on a one-on-one basis, providing guidance and assistance with the challenges life throws at you.


You can also join our various programs and workshops specifically for parents, children and youth. These programs and workshops vary from informative to fun, sporty or skills building.

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CFS aims to assist individuals to overcome disadvantage and barriers to personal, social and economic growth.

Some of the assistance we provide includes:

  • Emergency Relief Food Vouchers on appointment and as available.

  • Assistance in filling out forms and applications for example Centrelink forms.

  • Referrals to other service providers.

  • Advocacy and direct support to clients.

  • Access to skills training and employment skills for long-term unemployed and recent migrants and refugees.

  • Case management for families with children and at-risk youth.

  • Access for youth to recreation and skills building activities.

  • We have multiple child care facilities with various options for families including Before and After School Care, Vacation Care and Occasional Care.

  • Roving Childcare.

  • Supported Playgroups

  • Support Co-ordination

  • Respite Services 

  • Disability Day Programs

  • Community Access 

  • Supported Independent Living

  • Disability Support Hub


In all our services we have a diverse group of staff that represents the community we work in.

We speak many languages so that you can always speak to someone when you need it most.

Languages spoken include:

  • Arabic

  • Assyrian

  • Cantonese

  • English

  • Hindi

  • Kannada

  • Mandarin

  • Marathi

  • Spanish

  • Telugu

  • Urdu

  • Vietnamese

For Enquiries and Feedback