Individual plans

Your personalised plan

Individual plans are set out once a year to ensure they are relevant to your needs.  Your plan is unique and personalised to you as an individual so we can help you work towards your goals and aspirations. Every plan aims to promote and support your independence.

We’ll offer guidance and assistance and work closely with you, your carers or family members to offer direction.
Your plan is flexible; changing with your progress and needs; helping to identify skills and strengths.

Child, Youth & Family Support

The broad goal of the CYFS program is to provide relevant supports to children, young people and families who have an identified vulnerability which, if not addressed, may escalate to the point where more intensive intervention, including statutory child protection, may become necessary.

Families referred for CYFS services may be experiencing one or more of the following vulnerabilities including:

  • Lack of social or extended family support
  • Parenting difficulty managing children
  • Financial difficulties or poverty
  • Illness including mental health issues
  • Cultural barriers for new migrants
  • Homelessness
  • Women (and their children) leaving violent relationships

We assist and support families through case management and direct support:

  • Home Visits
  • Advice and Referrals
  • Co-ordination of Services
  • Direct Support
  • Informal Counselling

We also run Parenting Programs to assist families to develop knowledge and strategies to build positive behaviours in children and promote positive family relationships:

  •  Parents Under Pressure
  • Tuning Into Children

Community Builders

Community Builders services are open to communities in Fairfield LGA with a strong focus on assisting disadvantaged groups including people on low incomes, people who are isolated due to where they live, people who have little or no access to community resources meaning they are not able to participate in community life and activities. We provide Community Hub and Community Capacity Building Projects.

Community Hub Activities including:

  • Information and referral on local services
  • Access to skills training

Community Capacity Building Projects including:

  • Social and cultural events
  • Women’s Support Group
  • Children’s Karate Classes


Services & Programs We Provide

Our Community Services provide various services and programs to ease the pressure and disadvantage that comes along with low-income, poverty, new migrants and refugees and at-risk youth.

Emergency Food Rat-risk or those that have a low or no income which makes them more vulnerable to increased financial distress due to high electricity bills; unexpected costs or as a result of an unforeseen or life-changing event such as illness or family violence.

Support for new migrants and refugees:

  •  Conversational English Classes
  • Assistance with referrals and accessing other services
  • Assistance with form filling

Youth Drop-In for at risk, disengaged and newly migrated teens from trauma backgrounds that provide free access to:

  •  State of the art sporting facilities
  • Vocational training
  • One on one case management and support

We also provide referrals for:

  •  Counselling Services
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Employment Training Programmes
  • Meal Services

We believe in a society where all individuals have the opportunity to participate and enhance their quality of life.