Childcare Benefit (CCB)

Our centres offer CCB to eligible families.  CCB is paid to the centre unless otherwise instructed. Assessments will need to be completed before CCB is granted. If you would like to make a claim, a centre Coordinator will be able to make all necessary forms available to you.

CCB allowable absences:

For those receiving CCB, you’re entitled to 42 allowable absences per financial year. Upon reaching 42 absences CCB will only be payable for absences taken for:

  • Illness with a medical certificate
  • Non-immunisation – e.g. a child is excluded from the Centre due to an outbreak of an infectious disease against which the child is not immunized.
  • Rotating shifts or roster days off  – e.g. A parent looks after the child due to a day off.
  • School closures
  • Public holidays
  • Court order – e.g. a child is ordered to be in the care of another person.

Drop Off and Collection

To ensure the safety of all children:

  • Upon enrolment, please nominate authorised persons to collect your child.
  • No child is allowed at a centre before the stated operating hours.
  • Children will never be released to any person without prior written authorisation.
  • Parents must sign the attendance sheet on arrival and collection.
  • For your child’s safety, staff can refuse the right to release a child to an authorised person if they display any signs of drug or alcohol use.

Late collection:

If you are going to be late to collect your child please call and notify the centre as soon as possible. There is a $2 per minute charge per child by the centre’s clock. Our policy is that staff can wait for half an hour before they will call the police to pick up the child and notify Community Services.

Food & Refreshments

  • Please notify the team if your child has any food allergies.
  • Breakfast is provided to children arriving before 8 am. Breakfast consists of a choice of cereal, toast, muffins, crumpets, milk and fruit juice.
  • Every afternoon children will be given fruit and vegetables.
  • Meals you provide must be ready to eat; the team is unable to leave children to heat food because they must be supervised at all times.
  • Water is available at all times during the children’s care.
  • For children enrolled in Vacation Care, please provide all meals including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and plenty to drink. On some occasions there will be ‘theme days’ which will include lunch; you will be informed beforehand through our program calendar.

Safe Environment

Your child’s healthy & safety is our priority:

  • Children will never be unsupervised.
  • There are always at least two qualified team members at each centre at one time.
  • Our team have been screened through the ‘Working with Children Check’.
  • Safety rules are explained to all children on a regular basis.

Administration of Medicine

We follow the Department of NSW Health’s guidelines regarding the exclusion of sick children from the centre.   A staff member will only administer medication upon parent request in the form of written permission and a completed medication form. Medication should be prescribed by your doctor, labelled clearly with the child’s name and given to the authorised staff member, not the child.

Bookings & Cancellations

All booked days must be paid for, including days of absence.  Before and after school care fees do not apply to pupil free days and vacation fees do not apply on public holidays.


Please give the Centre Coordinator two weeks notice in writing if you wish to discontinue your child’s attendance. If no notice is given for cancellation of care, the bond will be withheld.

What to Bring for Your Child

  • A hat for outdoors, and to attend excursions.
  • Safe, comfortable shoes at all times – never thongs or slip-ons.
  • If it is forecast to rain, an umbrella or raincoat.

For vacation care, all of the above plus:

  • Apply sunscreen before arrival; we will provide more sunscreen during the day.
  • Parents are to provide all meals and plenty to drink, (water is available always).

Behaviour Management

The staff will use clear guidelines and positive strategies for managing children’s behaviour in order to encourage positive interaction and cooperation. In scenarios of unacceptable behaviour:

  • We use a short ‘thinking period’.
  • Withdrawal from an enjoyable activity for a short time.
  • If the behaviour continues, parents will be informed.

Informing Your Childs School

We kindly ask that you notify your child’s school and class teacher of the days your child will be attending before and after school childcare so they know that the centre will be providing transport.

Sickness or Absence

Please ring the centre and notify the team that your child will not be attending. For those receiving CCB you are entitled to 42 allowable absences per financial year. Please visit the mychild.gov.au website for full details. 


We respect the right of parents not to immunise their children. Please note, children who are not immunised will be excluded for the period of an outbreak that is a vaccine-preventable disease.